San Leandro, CA

Welcome to San Leandro!

San Leandro, California, is a suburban city located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a population of over 91,000, it offers a mix of residential neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown area featuring over 65 restaurants, various shops, and services. Founded in 1872, the city has undergone demographic shifts throughout its history, and today boasts a diverse community.


  • Region: San Francisco Bay Area
  • County: Alameda
  • Accessibility: Nestled between Interstate 880 and State Route 238, San Leandro boasts excellent transportation links, including access to the BART system. This connectivity facilitates easy commutes to Oakland, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, making it an attractive location for both businesses and residents who value proximity to major employment hubs and the Bay Area’s diverse attractions.

Overview of San Leandro, CA:

(Data reflective of the latest U.S. Census and local sources)

  • Total Population: Approximately 89,000
  • Median Age: 41 years, indicating a blend of young professionals, families, and retirees contributing to the city’s dynamic and mature community vibe.
  • Average Household Income: $86,000
  • Affordability: While San Leandro’s cost of living is higher than the national average, with housing expenses notably 150% higher, it remains more affordable compared to neighboring cities within the Bay Area. Utility prices align with the California average, and transportation costs are slightly elevated due to the region’s extensive public transit options and necessity for commuting.
  • Diversity: San Leandro celebrates a diverse population, with a significant number of Asian, Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian residents. This multicultural environment enriches the city’s social fabric, evident in community events, local businesses, and dining options that feature a wide array of international cuisines.


San Leandro’s history stretches back long before its 1872 incorporation. The Ohlone people were the area’s original inhabitants for centuries. Spanish explorers arrived in the 18th century, establishing Mission San Leandro, which played a key role in the region’s development. Following Mexican independence, the land was divided into ranchos, and later, during the Gold Rush era, prospectors settled in the area.

San Leandro’s official founding came in 1852, initially as an agricultural center.  It even served as Alameda County’s seat for a brief period.  The city flourished as a hub for farming, particularly cherries, which earned it the nickname “The Cherry City.”  Over time, the agricultural landscape gradually transformed, with industries like food processing and manufacturing emerging. Today, San Leandro is a thriving East Bay city with a mix of its historical roots and modern character.


San Leandro offers a blend of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and urban conveniences:

  • Nature and Recreation: Nestled near the San Francisco Bay, the city boasts waterfront access with the San Leandro Marina and the San Francisco Bay Trail, ideal for boating, fishing, hiking, and biking. Several parks like Dozier Park and Marina Park provide green spaces for picnics, sports, and relaxation.
  • Cultural Gems: History buffs can explore the San Leandro History Museum, while art enthusiasts can visit the Sun Gallery. The city also hosts various events throughout the year, including the annual Cherry Festival celebrating its agricultural heritage.
  • Urban Conveniences: Downtown San Leandro features a vibrant district with a mix of over 65 restaurants, shops, and services. Residents enjoy a variety of dining options, from local cafes and ethnic eateries to familiar chains. Essential stores and services are readily available, catering to everyday needs.
  • Public Facilities: The city’s Recreation and Parks Department manages numerous parks, pools, and community centers. These facilities provide spaces for leisure activities, fitness programs, and even rentals for events.
  • Schools and Libraries: San Leandro boasts a network of public schools along with the College of Alameda, offering educational opportunities for residents of all ages. The San Leandro Library provides access to books, resources, and community programs.


San Leandro offers a unique blend of suburban charm and urban convenience, characterized by its vibrant downtown, extensive parks, and community-focused events. Its strategic location, coupled with a rich demographic mix, positions San Leandro as a compelling choice for those seeking the Bay Area lifestyle without the exorbitant costs associated with its more renowned neighbors.

Learn more about San Leandro, CA from the city’s official website.

Vasquez Team Real Estate Services in San Leandro, CA


Welcome to the Vasquez Team Real Estate Group, your premier partner in navigating the vibrant real estate market of San Leandro, CA. Founded in 2001 by the dynamic duo, Ana and Hector Vasquez, our team has grown from a passionate husband-wife partnership into a full-service real estate powerhouse. With Ana’s extensive experience in real estate brokerage, sales, and management, combined with Hector’s expertise in brokerage, sales, and leadership, we’ve crafted a real estate experience that stands out for its excellence, positivity, and service.

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“Our purpose is simple: to provide a culture of excellence, positivity, and service, where team members are eager, compassionate, and accountable to serve every client with complete confidence and joy.” 

At the Vasquez Team, we’re more than just a real estate firm; we’re a family committed to helping you find your place in the world.

Our Services in San Leandro, CA

San Leandro’s unique blend of suburban charm and urban convenience makes it an attractive locale for many. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, sell your property, or explore investment opportunities within San Leandro and its surrounding regions, the Vasquez Team is here to guide you through every step of the process.

For Buyers:

  • Personalized Property Searches: We tailor your property search to fit your specific needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Financial Guidance: From finding the right lender to navigating loan options, we ensure you’re supported financially.
  • Comprehensive Support: From the initial agreement to the key transfer, we’re with you every step of the way.

For Sellers:

  • Market Analysis: We provide a detailed analysis of the San Leandro market to price your property competitively.
  • Marketing Strategy: Utilizing the latest tools and techniques, we ensure your property receives maximum exposure.
  • Negotiation Expertise: We work tirelessly to get the best value for your property, handling negotiations with professionalism and tact.

The Current Market in San Leandro

The San Leandro housing market leans towards a competitive seller’s market. As of February 2024, the median sale price sits around $745,000, with homes receiving multiple offers on average. This indicates active buyer interest alongside limited inventory. While prices have shown a slight decrease year-over-year, the market remains robust.

San Leandro offers various housing options catering to different needs and budgets. Single-family homes are prevalent, with styles ranging from charming bungalows to modern estates. Condominiums and townhouses provide an alternative for those seeking a lower-maintenance lifestyle.  The city also boasts apartment complexes catering to renters. Overall, San Leandro’s housing market presents opportunities for buyers seeking a place in the desirable East Bay area, but be prepared for a competitive landscape.

Our team’s commitment to excellence, combined with our nuanced understanding of San Leandro’s real estate market, ensures that whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll have the support, knowledge, and expertise required to make informed decisions and navigate the market confidently. Let the Vasquez Team be your ally in achieving your real estate goals in this dynamic market environment.

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At the Vasquez Team, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We embrace transparency, honesty, and integrity, ensuring your real estate transaction is not just a process, but an exciting milestone in your life. Our team is equipped to serve you in San Leandro and the broader regions of Contra Costa County, the Bay Area, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Joaquin County.

Whether buying or selling, let the Vasquez Team Real Estate Group guide you home with confidence and joy. Discover the difference of working with a team that values your dreams as much as you do. Welcome to the family.