Ana and Hector Vasquez are an outstanding team of real estate agents. They put the interests of their clients first and will do everything necessary to obtain the best results for them. In February 2021 we contacted them because we wanted to sell our condo in Richmond, California. On our first meeting they gave us a detailed explanation of what the process entailed. Most importantly, the advice and the information that they provided, helped us deal with the anxiety caused by the decision to sell our condo. From February through April, they provided all the documentation needed and explained why it was necessary, they talked to us about what buyers might expect, and more importantly, were always trying to foresee any unexpected contingency that might delay or prevent the process and/or closing. Their team did a tremendous job of staging the condo and using state of the art technology to showcase the condo on the pertinent websites.

On May 1st, the condo was placed on the market and almost immediately there were several offers. By then, we had moved out of state, so we totally relied on them. Ana and Hector analyzed and evaluated all the offers, looking for our best interests. They are expert negotiators and very keen on detecting subtleties and making counteroffers. Our condo was sold in early June for an amount that frankly, we never dreamt of.